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Version 3.1 ... Multi-Rx card support! ... plus OH2UG Multi-Platform Flash Loader and selectable mic filters for customizing AM and SSB phone quality. 

Version 3.0 ... AM Mode! ... Support of AM Mode for both Rx and Tx, and includes "CW Spotting Indicator". See AM Support for details and  Software for the download.

Cube reviewed in MonitoringTimes

You won't believe the improved reception! Read more about the Cube's implementation of AGC here.

Software Update & Calibrate Service ... See the Ordering page for details.


SDR Cube Transceiver

A self-contained, portable SDR Transceiver.
Embedded digital signal processing
with a Softrock RF front end.
No PC required!

New ...

Multi-Rx Card
General Coverage Receive Module for the SDR Cube

RF PowerCube
20-Watt RF power amplifier based on TAPR's solid PennyWhistle design, plus unique features optimized for use with the SDR Cube.

(A detailed unveiling and design review of the project is in planning for a live audio session of CWTD on Teamspeak.)



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